Did You Know – You May Present Your Phone’s Screen Over an External Check Or Projector

Today’s technology presents a great deal to an over-all consumer. But to help keep speed with it one could need to take a lot of units, like MP3 player, notebook, GPS phone, etc. What if all those might be mixed in a single product, which may be at the same time frame small enough to fit into the pocket. Mini WiFi Projector with Bluetooth ┬áThat’s just what some new Smartphones and PDAs are. But even when your cellular phone does not have some of those features there’s a way to put them. You can find alternative party producers which will make outside GPS devices, WiFi cards and many other extensions that may be attached to the phone via the little (micro) SD slot or Bluetooth.

SD (Secure Digital) is the most frequent common used for the info storage, now their smaller improvements – little or micro SD are found in cellular phones. But there are also other components, apart from the information storage, that may be attached to the little (micro) SD slot of the phone. The best choice on this market is SPECTEC. SPECTEC presents these cards and extensions:
* WiFi cards – brings WiFi to PDA
* GPS cards – brings GPS Recipient to PDA
* Bluetooth cards – brings Bluetooth to PDA
* Video-Out – allows PDA to screen over projector or outside monitor

As one can easily see over, it’s possible to put WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and actually movie production to a PDA. Imagine, you are likely to a company meeting. Only load all your documents into your PDA, then connect the Video-Out adaptor and you can impress your partners making a speech from your phone. There are also various other extension cards that permit PDA to apply home automation, to monitor real time wellness issue and actually more. Therefore, if you need one of those features, just insert the respective card and here you get!

Also when there is number SD slot in your telephone, you can use some extensions that connect with the phone via Bluetooth. For example, SPECTEC provides a Bluetooth GPS receiver. It has also the benefit that the SD slot stays available for the storage card.

Some WiFi cards may also keep data. Therefore, it’s possible to put WiFi to PDA while still having as much as 2 GB of information storage in the card. The sole disadvantage with such cards is they’ve non-standard size, so your card protrudes out from the SD slot. Due to that certain can not keep consitently the card forever in the phone, but it’s possible to easily insert it when WiFi connection is needed.

SPECTEC don’t offer their products and services online, but, it’s possible to easily discover several online resellers on the Web. There are also other producers of such cards. A great place to search for them is at Amazon.com. Therefore, if you have an older product that does not help all of the new features or, if you have some very particular idea in mind, just research the Internet for the correct extension card to encourage your telephone the manner in which you want.

Did You Know – You May Present Your Phone’s Screen Over an External Check Or Projector

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